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#1 Kim Kardashian Fan Site, Pictures, Bio, News

Kardashian Ladies at the “Style LA” Runway Show

Kim Kardashian…..

…..with her sisters

…..and her mother……

all looking gorgeous at the “Style LA” runway show.

All four Kardashian ladies showed up at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, California, the TMG International/CUUR annual “Style LA” runway show.
Could it be in the blood? Fashion is one thing they are expert about!
Kim wrote in her official blog: “This […]

Kim Kardashian Celebrating the 40th Anniversay of MC Donalds

Kim Kardashian, with her sister Khloe celebrating the 40th Anniversary of McDonald’s Big Mac in Malibu, California.
Look at those bumps!
She looks so sexy with this khaki shorts: simply fashionable and sexy.

Famous Stars and Straps Pose

Soooo adorable!!!!!!

Kim in Wendy Williams Show

Kim’s remark about meeting Wendy Williams: “She is the best! She is so real!”

Update on Kim’s Scent

She went personally to New York City to start discriminating which scent represents her most.
She wrote in her website: “I spent the day in New York City at the lab of Givaudan, a renowned fragrance company, to formulate my perfect scent!
This will be a long process and I will be back many times to make […]

Helping Russel Simmons

What’s your say?!

Kim asks her fans what their opinion is with her lighter eye make up look.

Don’t you think she looks naturally beautiful?

Hosting in Nashville, Tennessee

Kim hosted the opening of the new Fuse Nightclub at the Gaylord Opryland Resort on Sunday night (July 13).

Kim, highlighted with her sexy mocha top with matching pants and super-high-heels!

You've Never Seen Kim like this!

Kim on the bungee ride.
Would you dare to experience the thrill?!

View the entire video
She excitingly recounted in her official blog:”…..And Scott, Rob and I went on a bungee jump, flying ride! I was soooo scared I almost cried!”

Kim, Perpetuating her Sexiness

Kim, on the move to sweat out calories.