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Kim Kardashian for Daning with the Stars Week 2

Kim running to meet her partner Mark for another intensive practice for Week 2 of DWTS. She is determined to spend whatever time that this endeavor requires.  It had given her not only the popularity and opportunity to achieve more but also had made her even sexier.  She talked about being toned with the practices […]

Kim Kardashian joined Rock The Vote at Esquire House

Her busy schedule did not hinder her from joining such other activities as “Rok the Vote” held at the Esquire House, Hollywood Hills. Over the recent days, she had been busy preparing for the DWTS that had just concluded its first week last week.  It’s sort of a break from her recent routine.

Kim Kardashian’s weight issue revisited

It had been a week back when the issue about Kim’s weight and measurements became an issue prompting our lady to post a video on her blog fitting 3 jeans with sizes 26 and 27. She was quoted in different posts saying: “I am a size 27 jeans… My measurements are 34, 26, 39. But […]

Kim Kardashian: “I really liked acting”

Kim had expressed her passion for acting during her interview by MSN TV just before the Dancing With The Stars season started.  Among the line of questions asked was: “….. what’s next for you? Where do you want to take this adventure you are on?” Her answer: “Well, I really liked acting. That was very […]

Kim Kardashian made it

Everyone held their breathe, someone had to say goodbye again.  Many negative comments had been posted about Kim and had bet that she would be out.  In the end, it seems these comments had made her popularity even stronger. Well, she may have not done perfectly excellent and she has still a long way to […]

Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas dancing the foxtrot

Well, I watched it, and for sure you did.  We heard what the judges remarked, not maybe perfect but still remarkable! Kim appeared with new hair style but still beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent and SEXY.  Many had expected her to appear with the skimpiest attire but she didn’t. Without a tint of partiality, I think super […]

Kardashian's DVD will be released soon

This is your chance to take hold of Kim”s DVD.  The Keeping up with the Kardashian DVD will be released on October 7 but you can at KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS is of course your way of knowing Kim and her family more and a consented intrusion into her crazy family life. The […]

Take a peek at Kim Kardashian having some shopping

Nourish your eyes with the glamour of Kim while she was off shopping. Unsurprisingly, she looks sexy (as always) with her blue t-shirt paired with a black jacket, black leggings and heightened by a black studded high heeled boots.

Kim Kardashian tailed in anticipation for the Dance with the stars

Captivating, sexy, hilarious Kim is on track.  Paparazzis are all around her spotting every move she makes as she makes her way to the “Dancing with the Stars.  Well, that is of no concern because  she is always sexy and wearing a soul-touching smile. Take a look…. Speaking about her preparations she said: “At first, […]

Kim Kardashian’s had a break

We see her always busy with her preparation for the Dancing with the Stars.  Now, you will see her have her moment of break…..Kim had taken herself out from her routine and did some lady things like getting her nails done and of course shopping!