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Kim Kardashian made it

Everyone held their breathe, someone had to say goodbye again.  Many negative comments had been posted about Kim and had bet that she would be out.  In the end, it seems these comments had made her popularity even stronger.

Well, she may have not done perfectly excellent and she has still a long way to go.  The best thing is that she is open to criticisms and had been very receptive.  This attitude would lead her farther.  Progress would be expected underway and hold your breathe for more surprises from Kim.

Well some factors may have hindered her showing her full potentials.  Anyone may get nervous when cramming to fix things up.  As she wrote in her blog, she had to re-do her hair and her dress had been trimmed.  This would have made the actual performance a bit uneasy as it was a bit different from the rehearsal set up.

But above all, she made it!!!!

Here’s the video of Kim dancing the mambo

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