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#1 Kim Kardashian Fan Site, Pictures, Bio, News

Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s Resolution

It’s all about changes, new plans - resolutions!
Ask about it, Kim replied: “to just tone up more and continue to get in shape. Last year I was trying to give up sweets but broke that resolution a little!”

The Kardashian’s in Pajamas

This is unique: The Kardashian family wearing a uniform pajama.
Kim mentions that it’s a tradition as she stated in her blog: ” It’s our tradition for my grandma to give everyone a pair of matching pajamas on Christmas Eve so that we show up Christmas morning wearing them! We wake up at five a.m. and […]

Kim Kardashian going to a Post Christmas Shopping Spree

This season spells out shopping.
Our fabulous, always sexy and fashionable Kim was spotted doing her post Christmas shopping spree on different occasions.
Check out her pictures….

Kim Kardashian Pictures

Kardashian’s 2008 Christmas Card

She mentioned once in her blog that her family shoots christmas card each year and this year seems to be soooo red.

She wrote: “This is our 2008 Christmas card. It was shot by Troy Jensen! My stylists Monica Rose and Angela Fink got us these amazing gowns!”

Kim Kardashian will be in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve

Our hot babe Kim, with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, will be at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas on December 31 for a special New Year’s Eve.  The event shall be hosted by Pure Management and sponsored by Dom Perignon and Belvedere.
Something to anticipate!!

Kim Kardashian at the Spike TV Video Game Awards

Kim Kardashian gaming at apple

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, dressed fashionably as usual, were all at the “Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party” Video Game Launch Party.

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Kim Kardashian hosting the Daily 10

She “really love hosting and definitely want to do more!
Enjoy the pictures of Kim that event

“Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: 2009 Hairstyles”

Are you planning to have a new look thru wearing a new hair style.
Check out the whole article of Kim Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: 2009 Hairstyles
Part of it goes: “Katie Holmes, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham have been paving the way for short dos. The latest rave is the “pixie crop,” which is a super […]