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#1 Kim Kardashian Fan Site, Pictures, Bio, News

Kim Kardashian’s work out session with Reggie Bush

Burning out calories must be more fun if done together with your sweetie.  Kim and Reggie Bush another shared moments thru making themselves more sexy and fit.  The couple were spotted out of a gym in Beverly Hills last February 23.
Enjoy the pictures of Reggie and Kim.

Kim Kardashian under the mask

Watch these pictures of our ever sexy babe Kim wearing a mask during the birthday of her friend Jonathan Cheban.

She still looks fabulous and fashionable.
Speaking about the event, she wrote: “Saturday was my best friend Jonathan Cheban’s birthday! We celebrated by all going to Mr. Chow for a great meal, then hitting our friend Carlos’s […]

Kardashians for the Oscars

Kardashian family members all dressed up in black and took part in a segment on E! during the pre show for the Oscar Red Carpet Countdown.
Recounting the event, Kim wrote: “We all decided to wear black and look chic! It was fun getting glammed up for the Oscars! We ran into John Legend before the […]

Kim Kardashian: Haven Babe

Kim Kardashian was spotted at A Night at Haven hosted by Stardust Pictures and Jamie Kennedy last February 19.
She looked super sexy wearing a beige dress with an oversized blue and lavender belt and beige heels. 
Check out the pictures of Kim and Khloe in this event….


The Kardashians marked a record at Roscars

Kim Karashian extended her heartfelt thanks to her fans for Kardashian sweeping all the categories in Roscars as she wrote: “We totally won in every category! Thanks for voting!”
Looking back at some of the nominations she made previously in her blog, some are quoted below:
Nomination for Best Kiss: “Reggie and I had a great kiss […]

Kim Kardashian at Badgley Mischka Show

Enjoy the pictures of Kim and Khloe at the Badgley Mischka show…..

“Kar-shopping” at Alice & Olivia

Kardashian babes,Kim and Khloe showed up at the Alice & Olivia show in New York City.
Kim wrote in her blog: “Fashion Week to us is about mixing work with pleasure! We did some buying for DASH as we saw the new Alice & Olivia collection. It’s sooo hot! ”
Then she added saying: “We stopped over at […]

“Tracy Reese Show Was Simply Amazing” - Kim Kardashian

Sexy babe Kim Kardashian with her boyfriend Reggie attended the Tracy Reese show!
She remarked: “I LOVE Tracy Reese dresses.”
She went on sayin that: “I really wanted to experiment with different looks during Fashion Week, so for this show we went with a more ’40s inspired baby doll look! I rarely do red lips but LOVE […]

Kardashian girls’ Akon Dinner

Our sexy babe Kim, and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe  went to the 944 magazine/Akon dinner.
Kim described it in her blog saying that Kourtney would be on next months cover of 944 so they were there for support.
Watch the pictures of the Kardahian babes.

Kim Kardashian’s tip for getting ‘the right look’

How do celebrities arrive at their captivating look for parties and affairs?
Kim shared her technique in her blog saying: “Well, I do wardrobe fittings with my stylists, Monica Rose and Angela Fink at my house! They bring over an entire rack of clothes and we try them on and take pictures. You never know if […]