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Kim and Reggie: Lovers once more?

Rumor or truth?
Kim has yet to confirm that they are back to each other’s arms again.
In any case, we wish them the best!

Kim spending time for Khloe’s wedding

Our sexy babe is busy with the pre-nuptial preparations for her sister Khloe.  And on the 26th of this month, she joined her friends and family members at the Lobster restaurant in Santa Monica for the wedding rehearsal.

Looking so sexy while out on shopping

Kim was spotted shopping in Beverly hills with her sister Kourtney.  She looked really sexy in a black and grey striped tank top with black leggings.
Check out the pictures.

Kim Kardashian: Emmy Awards Pre-Show host

Before the Emmy Awards Pre-show, Kim Kardashian updated her fans with a message in twitter: “Happy Sunday! I am heading over to Kourtney’s house to get ready for the Emmy’s. Kourt & I are hosting pre-show on E!. I am so excited about my gown! It’s long and white! Kourt looks so cute in her […]

Kim Kardashian “Immortalized” her blonde hair

To perpetuate some keepsakes of her blonde hair, our sexy babe did a photo shoot with her team.  She wrote in her blog “I wanted to really capture my blonde hair and immortalize it and Nick Saglimbeni was the perfect person to capture it! We did a shoot for Quick Trim and some future calender […]

Kim Kardashian at the Tracy Reese Show

Kim’s busy fashion related tight schedule included the Tracy Reese Spring 2010 fashion show at the Salon at Bryant Park.  Talking about it, she blogged: “After the Jill Stuart show, the next stop on my New York Fashion Week adventure was the Tracy Reese Spring 2010 catwalk session! I sat with my girls Gabrielle Union, […]

Kim Kardashian showed up at the Jill Stuart Show

Looking stunningly fabulous in a one-shoulder black dress, paired with black patent leather heels and a pulled-back hairdo at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Kim shows vibrance as she attentively checked out the festivities.
She mentioned in her blog that this comprises her first job as beauty editor as she said: “I just worked my […]

Glamming Up for ‘Summer Spectacular’

On a Saturday night, our sexy babe glammed up for The Brent Shapiro Foundation For Alcohol and Drug Awareness ‘Summer Spectacular’ Event.
Blogging about the event, she wrote: “As you all know the Shapiro family has been very close to mine for many years. Bob Shapiro and I now even have a shoe company, ShoeDazzle.com. Every […]

Kim Kardashian was at the “Whiteout” Premiere

Kim narrated to her fans having attended the “Whiteout” Premier saying: “Khloe, Lamar and I went to the premiere of Kate Beckinsale’s new movie, Whiteout. The movie was great! Then we all went to eat at Mr. Chow. What do you think of my 40s old Hollywood hairstyle?”
Her hairstyle?  Fits perfectly with her make up […]

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau went shopping

Spending ‘girls time’ together, Kim and her friend Brittny were seen shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on September 5.
Seethem flaunt their beauty as they make heads turn as they walked on the streets.