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#1 Kim Kardashian Fan Site, Pictures, Bio, News

This week’s KKTNY episode

Have you watched the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York?  Or maybe, it should now Be KKKTNY with the arrival of their sister Khloe.
Then you would have known about Kourtney’s acting debut.  For Kim’s avid fans, they knew it before the show as she posted in her blog what her fans will […]

Taking part with the Down Syndrome Day

What is Kim doing in Orlando?
She blogged about going to the World Down Syndrome Day.  he wrote:
“I met Elyse Mundelein over the weekend at the World Down Syndrome Day event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.
She is a spokesperson for the Down Syndrome Foundation in Central Florida. I had such a great time […]

Name for Kim Kardashian’s New perfume

“heading to a fragrance meeting. I need a name for my new perfume! Any cool ideas?”
This was the tweet of Kim Kardashian updating her fans of her upcoming new perfume.  What word come into your mind if you think of Kim?  That might be the best word to name her new fragrance.

Posing with a tiger made Kim scared

During the family photoshoot for KUWTK, Kim tried to pose with a a tiger.  In her blog, she described how the shoot was”
“I tried posing with the white tiger at our family photo shoot for Keeping Up with the Kardashians season six last week, but I was so scared!!!!
The tiger had to get into position […]

She Loves Slurpees and Movies


With her tight schedule, Kim Kardashian still have spare time going to movies?  Yes, she does and that is mainly because she loves slurpees.
She blogged: “Joyce and I went to go to the movies… but I’ll be honest… the main reason we went is because we were dying for cherry slurpees! LOL”
I love going to […]

Kim Kardashian Pictures

Kim never fail to update her fans with pictures and info on what she is up to.
With her first music project, she posted pictures on her blog as the project progressed.
Check out some of her pictures.

Day two in the studio

Last day in the studio

Braided for the music video

Hear Kim Kardashian Singing

It is finally out.
Informing her fans about it, she blogged:

Today I premiered my song Jam (Turn It Up) on 102.7 KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest!!! I can’t believe it’s finally released! This was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad that I met with The Dream and […]