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Kim and Britney and one pink dresss

Both ladies certainly look stunning wearing this pink Herve Leger dress.  Kim posted in her blog that: “It’s the perfect summer dress!”

Kim Kardashian’s “Eternal Flame” Bikini

This is when white becomes a “flame”.  The bikini that Kim is wearing is name “eternal flame”.
She blogged: “This is one of my favorite Beach Bunny bikinis from our collection. It’s called ‘Eternal Flame’ and it comes in both white and green.
Which color do you like best? I think white bikinis look great once you’ve […]

Kim - finally engaged!

She happily confirmed the gossip - she is indeed engaged!

Kardashian Novel

Kim posted on her blog that a novel about the K sisters will be out on November 1.  With that, she is asking her fans to help out for a great title for it.
She blogged: ”

We have SUCH exciting news to share with you guys!!! We are releasing a novel with William Morrow and we […]

Kim Kardashian asked help in chosing the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s ad campaign

Did you cast your choice?
Kim blogged:
“For Season 6 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians we shot two different campaigns and E! is letting YOU pick the campaign you like the best!
They each have totally different themes, but I’m so torn between the two, so I’m excited to see which one you guys choose. […]

Kim Kardashian and Kris went for work out

The Kardashian sisters are always bonded in any activities that they do.  On April 27, they all attended Pilate’s class.
Kim’s darling, Kris Humphries was with the ladies during this event.

Kim Kardashian hosted the Wet Republic Party

Kim Kardashian was chosen to host the Wet Republic grand opening party in Las Vegas.  It was held last April 16.
Check how sexy she look during the event.