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#1 Kim Kardashian Fan Site, Pictures, Bio, News

Kim Kardasian in tattered jeans

Looking at her on her upper half body reveals a formal wear…..then down, is a tattered jeans.
Looks well.  She carries it fabulously!

Kim is ready for the aisle but not for a baby……

Kim walking the aisle is almost certain.  But, she is not ready yet for having a baby.
Well, with her busy schedule, that must be a great decision.  Take your time, Kimmie!

Kim’s Photos

Selection of Kim’s recent photos…..

Prenup Preparation

Would you go for prenup?  If I were Kim, I certainly would!
The couple are said to be preparing prenup agreements.  Certainly, Kim headed to his father’s words who may have talked about the significance of having a prenuptial agreement.