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August 14, 6 days before Kim Kardashian’s wedding

She could manage through hectic schedules to attend to variety of things.  Even few days before her wedding day, she found her way to attend the 2011 Do Something Awards held in Las Vegas on August 14, 2011.
As expected, she made her grand entrance sporting a sexy long dress.

Kim Kardashian: Kalm bride to be

Many bride to be are all stressed out as their important day approaches.  Well, not with Kim.  She says that she stay calm.  In an interview, she uttered:
“Everyone says that you freak out, but I think all my freak-out moments happened at the beginning when we decided to get married this summer,” Kim […]

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event will be aired almost two months after Kim’s wedding, to let her fans have a glimpse of her wedding.  Specifically, the program will be aired in October 9 and October 10.  Don’t miss that out!

Kim minds invasion of her private space

She likes to be caught in cameras.  She enjoys being talked about.  But….she does mind about being disturbed in her private space.
Let’s hear it from here:
“I pride myself in being very open & available to my fans, but the one place I won’t interact or tolerate people showing up to is my home. […]

Kim has Psoriasis

Have you heard of psoriasis?  It is a skin disease that almost looks like a ring worm infection.  Looks really unpleasant.  But, “harmless”.
Kim blogged: ”
“I head to the dermatologist after I discover a weird rash on my legs. Khloe freaks me out saying it’s ringworm, but it turns out I have psoriasis!! […]

Kim Kardahian’s Wedding Invitation

Simple but truly elegant! That describes Kim’s wedding invitation.
…..and, look at that cute “K” design at the top!

Imagining Kim Kardashian in her wedding dress

Few sleeps more and we’ll witness Kim walking down the aisle.  Would the internet world treat is like a royal wedding?
The ever famous Vera Wang takes care of her wedding dress design and everyone cannot wait glancing it.
Let’s go over some of her pictures in the past where she wears white to visualize how she […]

Kim’s scent of love

Kim said that the scent is “really soft, romantic and sensual”.  We are talking here of the limited edition of her newly launched fragrance that was specially formulated for her wedding.
Grab your bottle now before you’ll loss the chance.

3D photos of Kim Kardashian

This is great - 3d in magazines!  The first ever magazine featuring 3D photos and the model is the ever fabulous Kim Kardashian.
She blogged:
“Dolls, here’s my final 3-D cover for World’s Most Beautiful, the world’s first ever totally 3-D magazine! You have to be wearing 3-D glasses to see it in full effect!! […]